Da Vinci - The Genius

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Science Museum Oklahoma presents “Da Vinci – The Genius,” the most comprehensive exploration of Leonardo da Vinci’s work ever created. The interactive experience will immerse guests in da Vinci’s timeless brilliance through full-scale interpretations of the mastermind’s inventions and unparalleled studies of his iconic art.

Through Jan. 8, 2017, see what USA Today called one of the must-see exhibits of summer 2016.


“Da Vinci – The Genius” demonstrates the full scope of da Vinci’s remarkable genius as an inventor, artist, anatomist, sculptor, engineer, musician and architect.

Guests will enjoy life-size machine inventions, entertaining animations of da Vinci’s most notable Renaissance works and an eye-opening, in-depth analysis of his most famous piece, “Mona Lisa.” Visitors will be able to push, pull, crank and interact with many of these exhibits for a hands-on understanding of the scientific principles behind them.

All of the inventions brought to life for “Da Vinci – The Genius” were crafted by Italian artisans, many using the same techniques and materials from the Renaissance period.

Other highlights include reproductions of numerous works of art, amazing anatomical sketches, the preparatory drawings of the “Anghiari Battle,” and educational animation presentations of “The Last Supper,” the “Vitruvian Man,” and other rarely seen perspectives on famous works.

Guests also will enjoy a glimpse into da Vinci’s mysterious alphabet and writing techniques as they browse touch-screen versions of his actual codices, or notebooks. 

Tickets to the exhibit are $9.95 for adults and $5.95 for children 12 and younger, in addition to regular museum admission.

The exhibition was developed by Grande Exhibitions, under the auspices of the Commune di Roma, Commune di Firenze and Citta Di Venezia 
and with the assistance of Pascal Cotte of Lumiere Technologies, France.

Resources for Educators

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